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marcelnadal Are you ready to travel? Just listen to this song with your eyes closed.... Absolutely wonderful work by Namgar !!!! Favorite track: Whisper-rain.
Nikolaj Š.
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Nikolaj Š. This is how folk-rock works! And this is how modern Buryat music should sound, too. If you're interested in either, you won't be disappointed.
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Tunka 06:13
1. TUNKA (WEDDING SONG)* Warm is the water in the river, birds splash at the shore Seeing you pleased, our dear match-makers, makes us so glad Warm is the water in the river, ducks play at the shore Seeing you well and prosperous makes us so glad!    * Тunka - district in Buryatiya
 2. Medley - Two Yokhors There are great many days in this world Yet there are but a few to spend time with friends Let us come get together Let us have fun together My sisters and brothers are so far away Yet they are most close to my heart I miss them and think how to meet them as road is tough Between us, there's Lake Baykal, there are mountain ridges
3. Orphan Camel Colt At the edge of the mountain ridge path The orphaned white camel colt weeps When the frost is so violent that trees crack The white camel colt seeks for grass under snow where the herd has just passdweeps
Whisper-rain 07:15
4. Whisper-rain              Down the valley in bloom silky whisper of rain From the thick fog emerges Not the cold shower but a wonderful cosmic stream Your quiet voice, soothing words Clear my heart
Yundengogo 06:00
5. Yundengogo* The way he walks is positive and self-assured The way he wears his hair is three tails touching shoulders The way he was born is care-free handsome guy The unrivaled Yundengogo Now that he says the wind blows in the back of his head Now that he wears warm sheepskin and aroma oil to be the best Now I say, you were born way too handsome guy My husband Yundengogo    * Yundengogo - a man's name
Aspiration 05:01
6. Aspiration Let empty daydreams be far from my mind As northern winds Never covering my path with dust. Let the free songs of the great wide open flow Let the star tell me when My only wish comes true Strong as a strong rain can be So that I may only sing songs of joy
 7. Medley -Lake Bunting & Yokhor      Lake bunting sings while circling up above In memories of my homeland I roam restless Lake bunting chirps while circling up above In memories of my love my heart aches Till the sun burns let us dance ёokhor Our singing joy and laughter Till we are young let us dance ёokhor        *Ёоkhor - Buryat national round dance
 8. RIVER JARAAHAI * Gladly the river Jaraahai runs babbling, turning around the mountain High-pitched song my only daughter sang when leaving My red-cheeked daughter stabbed my soul with her voice when going to marry Streaming its waters in patterns the river Jaraahai runs, turning behind the mountain My good-natured daughter has left to become someone else's My, how her tears ran when singing her farewell songs    * Zharaahain gol - the river's name


released January 11, 2009


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Namgar Russia

A fusion of Buryat-Mongolian tradition and modern rock/jazz elements with haunting woman voice of Namgar, the Buryat star of traditional and modern music, and a blend of traditional and modern instruments that bring together images of the great wide open and modern drive. ... more

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